Heart Wall

What is a Heart Wall?   Like its name implies, it’s a wall that builds up around the heart. It can have devastating effects on your health and happiness. When we are free from a Heart Wall, we can live from our heart, create greater abundance, and even find true love.

Have you ever felt like your heart was breaking or perhaps felt intense emotional pain? Maybe it was due to a relationship break-up. Maybe it was from the loss of a loved one. Maybe you suffered some kind of abuse. Or, maybe it was a tragic calamity that set you into a tailspin.

When intense, emotional events happen to us, our subconscious comes to our rescue by building a wall around our heart. It does this by using energy from the readily available trapped emotions as the “building material” to make what we call the Heart Wall.

Each layer is a different trapped emotion that can come from virtually any experience that remains in our body. Or, it can come be inherited and passed down generation to generation.

Over time, these layers accumulate making the Heart Wall thicker just like an onion grows thicker layer upon layer. Essentially, these layers create a “bomb-shelter” like structure. It’s exactly what we need in a crisis but who wants to live there indefinitely.

It protected us in the hard times, but it doesn’t go away when the threat or the situation is over. This causes problems in many areas of our life.

The Heart Wall can…

  • Block your ability to give and receive love.
  • Create depression, anxiety, isolation, numbness and emptiness.
  • Stop you from achieving success in your career or other life goals.
  • Lower your immunity to diseases.
  • Cause physical pain in the neck, shoulders and upper back.
  • Affect your health.

It is also suspected to be a factor in heart disease, high blood pressure, chest pain, and heart attacks.

Is the Heart Wall affecting you from finding and keeping love in your life?

Heart Walls protect the heart from being hurt, but it can also prevent you from experiencing love in its greatest and purest capacity. It can also keep you from finding love and a partner to spend your life with.

When we have love in our heart for another, we naturally want to express it. Without a Heart Wall, the love frequencies can be sent out from our heart to another without interference. If the other person also doesn’t have a Heart Wall, the purity of that love can be received undistorted.

But when a Heart Wall is present, the love frequency must pass through the energy layers surrounding the heart. It can become twisted or diminished into something less than its original, pure intent. The person you are sending love to receives a distorted version of it, thus impacting their ability or desire to send love back to you.

These energetic blocks and filters are removed when we release the Heart Wall. This enables you to give and receive love in its purest and most beautiful form